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Legal Due Diligence

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Legal Due Diligence is considered as a process of investigation in Commercial, Industrial, health and safety, Employment, Intellectual property, and Information technology sectors. The scope of Due Diligence includes the review and study of legal and commercial documents that the targeted entity possesses. The volume of documents will vary depending on the type and sector of business of the targeted company.

Our services on Due diligence involves conducting careful and thorough research into business decisions before acting. Typically, due diligence involves assessing historic financial information, as well as determining whether a company or entity has presented accurate information on working capital and cash flow.

Due diligence protects shareholders, board of directors and executives from personal liability and helps to ensure a business makes wise decisions to contribute its growth and prosperity. When performed in real estate transactions, due diligence is necessary to ensure that a property is sound and a wise investment. In either case, the purpose of due diligence is to provide protection before money is spent or a transaction is entered.

The requirements of legal due diligence vary for different business decisions, and we can help corporations to fulfill their due diligence requirements in a variety of business transactions including, but not limited to, mergers and acquisitions and real estate matters.

The following are example of the documents should be reviewed generally when conducting due diligence for Mergers & Acquisitions.

• Shareholders information including the shares and related details.
• Corporate certifications and legal structure of the company including branches if any.
• Company memorandum and bylaws
• Contracts and Agreements of senior officers.
• Assets owned by the company in any format.
• Existing Legal proceedings by or against the company.
• Major Agreements, Contracts and Tenders.
• Official company’s documents such as the licenses and CR.

A due diligence team may include multi professionals involving financial and technical experts other than the Legal professionals and which may be vary according to the requirements. We provide services to the clients and assist them in the whole process of Due Diligence.

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