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Foreign Investment & Company Formation

A foreign investor who is interested to expand their business in the Saudi market must hold an investment license. There are various types of companies a foreign investor can set up their business either in a sole proprietorship or with the cooperation of a Saudi Shareholder or opening a branch of foreign company.

Al Suwaiket & Al Busaies (S & B) recognized as one of the leading firms providing legal support in company formation and Set-Up services in Saudi Arabia which is coming under the segment of foreign investment. We have significant experience and efficiency in this service category based on our multilateral client record.

We initiate our services in this segment by providing a starter kit to our clients inclusive of all information related to the legal form to be established and sector of the company in which they are investing. We provide clients with the templates of required documents for each category and assist them to legalize and arrange the required documents from the relevant government agencies in Saudi Arabia and update them with the formation procedures.

Our services in this scope include:

• Provide clients with full information about the investment structure and guide them to choose the suitable legal entity comply with their business activities.
• Meeting with the investors and explain the prevailing investment and companies’ laws in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
• Make arrangements related to establishing and licensing all types of companies, local, GCC, mixed and foreign companies.
• Drafting legal agreements such as agreements that precede establishment of joint ventures, letters of intent, Article of Association, agreements, shareholders resolutions, commitment letters, memorandum of understanding, letters of undertaking and engagement letters ,other similar agreements.
• Licensing and opening all types of companies and branches.
• We handle Mergers and acquisition procedures.
• We provides post-formation services to the investors such as opening bank account in Saudi Banks, opening files in relevant government authorities like Chamber of Commerce, Municipality, Civil Defense, Zakat and Income Tax, General Organization for Social Insurance, Labor office, Recruitment office and any other governmental bodies subject to the activities of the investor in order to kick off their business operation instantly.

We assist the investors to amend the Investment License, Commercial Registration and Articles of Associations of the company by adding or removing clauses or activities of the company according to the changes in regulations adopted by the Government of Saudi Arabia.

GCC & Saudi Company Formation

Foreign Investment Services


Litigation and Arbitration

Our litigation practice is well organized and equipped by legal professionals who have significant experience and perspectives in managing litigation procedures. Our Lawyers are well experienced in representing the clients in Civil, Commercial, Employment disputes, Criminal cases, and before all kinds and levels of the courts and judicial bodies.

The Courts and authorities we represent our clients before:

• All types and levels of courts.
• Various departments of Board of Grievances.
• Committees for resolution of insurance Disputes & Violations
• Labor courts and offices
• Arbitral tribunals
• All administrative committees of competent jurisdiction
• Coordination and supervision of litigation in jurisdiction out of Saudi Arabia.

We handle all litigation procedures stating from studying and analyzing  the case file and documents, preparing legal opinion on the legal position of the client in the case, then evaluating the evidences, legal ground of the case, arrange for witnessed attendance before the courts, prepare and draft submissions if the client is a Plaintiff, and draft statement of defense, arguments  and submissions if the client is a Defendant,  , as we provide optional disputes resolutions alternatives to achieve the clients’ interests by engaging us as reconciliation mediators or arbitrators in various commercial disputes.

We serve clients more effectively and efficiently, meeting their budgetary requirements and involve experienced attorneys and consultants from other areas when client requirement extend beyond litigation matters. Being one of best law firms in Saudi Arabia, for any issue require an expert’s opinion, the firm has professional consultants in all fields of law to render appropriate consultation.

Litigation is entrusted with our highly qualified and experienced attorneys before all courts of law, judicial, quasi-judicial committees throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Businesses required timely legal advisors for various matters concerning their operations compliances. As one of top Saudi law firm we have experienced team of professionals to guide you in taking the apt decisions.

Family Business Services

In the Middle East major businesses are controlled by families and it predominate in many of the region’s key industries in terms of the size and range of their investments and the numbers of personnel they employ.

Our services to family businesses as follow:

  • representing them in courts and judicial commissions.
  • involve our skilled legal professionals to assist in legal structural activities.
  • drafting, amending, or reviewing the articles of associations, resolutions, agreements etc. and internal regulations in light of the prevailing laws and regulations laws in Saudi Arabia.

Our firm maintaining a wide relationship with specialist consultants in family companies in case the client required the following specialized services:

  • Family Constitutions
  • Traditional corporate restructuring
  • Limited liability structures tailored to manage business risks
  • Family corporate governance systems
  • Management and resolution of inter-generational conflicts
  • Establishment and management of family offices
  • Distribution of inheritance


Labor and Employment Law

Al Suwaiket & Al Busaies is considered as one of few law firms practicing Labor law irrespective of the location of clients. Human Resources Sector is an important and essential part of any business. As we are a specialized firm handling Labor and employment issues and we believe that employment relation is one of the most important aspects of any business and our lawyers working efficiently to meet our clients’ needs in the sector. We represent both employees and employers. Our attorneys are adept in providing wide spectrum of existing and updated labor regulations in the Kingdom.

We offer below services:

• Advice in regard of labor law,
• Litigation
• Alternative dispute resolutions.
• Mediation and Arbitration.
• Representing the clients before the Labor courts whether plaintiff or defendant.

We have the capability in rendering advice on unfair labor practice including breaching of contract, retrenchment, wrongful termination, workplace harassments and physical and mental torturing, calculation, structuring and collection of compensations, benefits and so on.

We can draft, review and amend proper employment contracts suits the nature of employment and comply with the Saudi Labor and employment Law.

As experienced employment lawyers in Saudi Arabia, we commit ourselves to protect our clients’ interest either employee or employer. We assist companies by providing advises on employment manuals, internal labor regulations and HR policies and other related services.

Real Estate Services

AlSuwaiket and AlBusaies are deemed as a well-known real estate lawyer provides fully effective and proficient legal services with a maximum level of commitment in the real estate sector. We are handling various issues and disputes involved in real estate investment over residential and commercial properties owned by Companies or individuals. Our professional team of consultants have diversity in practicing real estate laws and regulations and earned comprehensive and proactive experience and professionalism in practicing the real estate disputes and mediations. Our clients in the real estate practice includes Landowners, developers, facility providers, stakeholders, funders, and Lessors.

Our expertise and practices include:

• Drafting, reviewing and amending all kinds of lease contracts, deeds or rental agreements in real estate transaction.
• Drafting statement of claims and pleads to the courts or any other judicial bodies.
• Advising and Drafting legal opinions on various types of disputes in the sector.
• Inheritance services.
• Dispute resolutions and mediation in real estate cases.
• Represent clients before all kinds and levels of courts, governmental and judicial bodies.

We assist our foreign clients to find out the appropriate lands or properties to establish their factories, warehouses or storage units


Insurance Law

S&B operates a specialist Insurance Practice in order to meet all aspects of Middle East’s insurance industry, including major regional and international insurers, brokers, third party administrators and reinsurers.

We also offer advice on all types of insurance protection and claims to corporates in a wider range of industries.

We prospectively cooperate with insurance industry experts and consultants in and out of the nation to assist our clients if our client’s requirements gone beyond our jurisdiction and expertise.

S&B not only concentrating in clients representation on insurance claims but also assist them by providing comprehensive legal support. As a practicing insurance Lawyer and keeping regular updates of the changing Laws and regulations in KSA, we have broad knowledge about the legal aspects and practicing. Our legal researches are supporting factor which reflects in our services in the insurance sector including:

• Representation in regular and subrogated claims.
• Advising well known insurance groups on their insurance legal requirements, laws and regulations related to insurance practice and assisting foreign insurance companies for licensing and establishment in the region.
• Negotiation of settlements and representation in arbitration and litigation matters.
• Advising global reinsurers on insurance claims.
• Advising on credit insurance policies.

Legal Due Diligence

Legal Due Diligence is considered as a process of investigation in Commercial, Industrial, health and safety, Employment, Intellectual property, and Information technology sectors. The scope of Due Diligence includes the review and study of legal and commercial documents that the targeted entity possesses. The volume of documents will vary depending on the type and sector of business of the targeted company.

Our services on Due diligence involves conducting careful and thorough research into business decisions before acting. Typically, due diligence involves assessing historic financial information, as well as determining whether a company or entity has presented accurate information on working capital and cash flow.

Due diligence protects shareholders, board of directors and executives from personal liability and helps to ensure a business makes wise decisions to contribute its growth and prosperity. When performed in real estate transactions, due diligence is necessary to ensure that a property is sound and a wise investment. In either case, the purpose of due diligence is to provide protection before money is spent or a transaction is entered.

The requirements of legal due diligence vary for different business decisions, and we can help corporations to fulfill their due diligence requirements in a variety of business transactions including, but not limited to, mergers and acquisitions and real estate matters.

The following are example of the documents should be reviewed generally when conducting due diligence for Mergers & Acquisitions.

• Shareholders information including the shares and related details.
• Corporate certifications and legal structure of the company including branches if any.
• Company memorandum and bylaws
• Contracts and Agreements of senior officers.
• Assets owned by the company in any format.
• Existing Legal proceedings by or against the company.
• Major Agreements, Contracts and Tenders.
• Official company’s documents such as the licenses and CR.

A due diligence team may include multi professionals involving financial and technical experts other than the Legal professionals and which may be vary according to the requirements. We provide services to the clients and assist them in the whole process of Due Diligence.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions practice are the most important element in corporate business transactions. S & B taking major role in the sector as we advise our clients and to approach their needs with maximum understanding of the regulatory and legal aspects of the nation where the M&A occurs. Assisting clients from various sectors of business beyond the jurisdiction.

Our expertise in corporate structuring and restructuring includes the following:

• Conducting legal due diligence.
• Designing acquisition structures.
• Drafting, reviewing, and advising on all related structuring agreements.
• Advising on regulatory strategies and compliance.
• Restructuring and Reorganizations
• Coordinating cross border transactions.
• Obtaining approvals from regulatory bodies.
• Providing advice on all aspects of corporate licensing and Closing processes

Intellectual Property

Our expertise in IP since 2006 made us one of the topnotch Trademark Attorney in Saudi Arabia. Our worldwide resources along with our active and regular presence in seminars on IPR issues allow us to provide services in the intellectual property sector. Our team approaching IP practice with professionalism and with a multidisciplinary portfolio.

Our practices In the field of intellectual property registration and protection patents and trademarks including documentation, registration, licensing, copyright, utility industrial models and designs, maintenance, client counseling, and its protection covering FMCG sector, Information Technology, Biotechnology, Chemical, Electronic, and Mechanical. Apart, we assist our clients in all stages of IP protection in and out of the kingdom jurisdictions through our cooperating partners worldwide.

Al-Suwaiket & Al-Busaies has comprehensive experience in protection of such IP aspects from any inside or outside infringement. Furthermore, our firm actively engages in advising clients for protecting their interests in their achievements.

For the requirements of registering Patent or Trademark in Saudi Arabia, please visit the links below.



Media & Information Technology

Al Suwaiket & Al Busaies is listed as one of leading firm practicing media and information technology law. We render legal consultancy services with Trust, Transparency, and commitment to our clients irrespective of the Jurisdiction and matters related with. Media and IT sectors prospects an essential industry partner for every business. So that, Information technology is growing by leaps and bounds and is recognized as one of integral part of all business transactions in the current era. When considering the growth of Media and IT sector year by year it is recorded that there will be a proportional growth of crimes in the sectors worldwide.

We offer legal assistance to Media & IT companies on drafting various agreements, terms and conditions and policies for various purposes comply with the prevailing media & IT regulations of the nation. Exceptionally, our expertise in the sectors includes a broad area of commercial and legal services include licensing, acquiring, distributions, software licensing, copyright issues, e-commerce, drafting and reviewing partnership, sales and purchase agreements, transactional disputes, and legal representation.

Often, Media & cybercrimes are difficult to deal as the cases mostly crosses the legal boundaries, we render services to such clients through our partnering firms around the globe or by contacting the local bodies who responsible to enforce and probe such cybercrimes in that jurisdiction.

Liquidation Services

The Ministry of Commerce has forwarded a policy that the company liquidation in Saudi Arabia should comply with to the Regulations for Companies. As a leading liquidation lawyer in Saudi, we provide reliable services to our clients with professionalism and commitment. Company liquidation services in Saudi Arabia required professional approach, commitment and expertise as well. Only who has complete understanding of the existing legislation can help you to meet the liquidation requirements as mandated by the law. Our Consultants have significant experience in providing highly specialized Liquidation Services to Joint ventures, Limited Liability Companies, and foreign company branches or subsidiaries. To provide integrated services in this category, the firm can work and communicate with specialists from other sectors like banks, chartered accountants, technical consultants and officials from relevant government authorities. We handled liquidation matters for multiple companies across engineering, contracting, industrial, commercial, energy and aviation.

Our service starting from obtaining clearance from government authorities such as General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI), Municipality, Passports department, Labor office, Zakat and Income Tax Department, Publishing announcement of liquidation of the company in E-Magazine of MoC. We dealt with full understanding of client position to initiate the liquidation process including follow up with all relevant government departments to finalize the company status at the competent authorities up to the issuance of clearance from all the governmental departments.


Energy Laws

As energy Lawyers Al Suwaiket & Al Busaies rendering proactive legal advice to the energy industry. S&B has a team of Lawyers who can provide variety of legal disciplines in this sector. Our core value in the industry is our legal team who are closely focusing on the regulations adopting by governmental bodies and authorities in the country. We commenced our legal services in the eastern province of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is recognized as the backbone of world’s oil production. Considering the wide spectrum of Energy Sector investment, the transactions may often cross the borders and jurisdictions. So, it is always required a proficient advisor with plenteous knowledge about the regulations of the industry nationally and globally.

Our Legal team is capable to provide appropriate information and advice to our clients in the emerging renewable energy industry.

Our practice provides full range of corporate and regulatory matters affecting the petroleum sector and energy including trade, privatization, startups, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, environmental regulation, litigation, and arbitration in both domestic and international markets.

The firm’s energy section advises on various legal issues concerning oil, renewable energy, electricity, and water including development and finance, construction, engineering contracts, environment, and other services.

Furthermore, we represent the clients in continuous matters arising from the relevant transactions.

Legal Services in Zakat and Tax Law

As an experienced Zakat and Tax Lawyer, we are always connecting with the Tax authorities and keeping usual updates of the regulations in order to provide the accurate and integrated legal solutions to our clients. Zakat and Tax laws are always required sound legal advice from experts. Our lawyers are highly specialized in corporate and commercial transactions. There are mainly two tiers of taxes in Saudi Arabia Income tax for foreigners and Zakat for the nationals. Value Added Tax (VAT) is an indirect tax which is imposed on goods and services.

Our firm’s tax practice is comprised of highly skilled professionals who are providing a wide range of sophisticated tax services. We assist our clients in domestic and international corporate tax planning, counseling, and representing them in litigation in tax related disputes. We are specialized in preparing appeals against zakat and tax assessment to the competent committees, providing opinions in zakat and tax matters, including selecting the most appropriate tax arrangements. Our representation in this segment is not only limited to businesses but also to individuals.


Banking & Finance Law

Our highly trained and experienced Lawyers practice various methods and legal formulas to support the clients from banking and financial sector. We help our clients contend with legal issues in banking including restructurings, regulatory demands, policy and legal advisory, drafting and reviewing of documentations and the compliance costs that have come with reform.

As one of the best Law firm that providing banking consultancy services, we advise our clients on the day-by-day operations and considering the strategic objectives. We focus on effective and professional legal solutions, our Lawyers and consultants in this field have decades of experience serving various banks and financial institutions in the region. We proud that Our clients include the leading international banks and institutions, asset managers, capital markets and their participants, investment banks, national regulators, private equity firms, professional services organizations engaged principally in financial services and retail banks and they entrust us to deal their legal matters in Saudi Arabia.

S & B represent clients in large banking and commercial transactions, to meet their needs in regulatory, public policy and enforcement areas.

The following are example of the legal services that the company provides in the fields of financing and banks systems:

• Banking Laws, Regulations & Compliance.
• Broker-Dealer Regulations & Compliance.
• Investment Adviser & Asset Manager Compliance.
• Consumer Finance Regulation Compliance & Enforcement.
• Financial Institution Formation, M&A & Divestment.
• Futures & Derivatives Regulatory & Compliance.
• Mortgage Lending & Servicing Regulation.
• Unclaimed Property.

The firm provides consultations on the following fields:

• Strategic planning, analysis, and interpretation of legislation, amendments, and administrative.
• Broker-Dealer Regulation & Compliance.
• Rules governing the financial services industry.
• Advising on the full spectrum of secured and unsecured commercial lending transactions, including leveraged acquisition finance, asset-based and cash flow finance, and other corporate lending transactions.
• Regulatory capital requirements.
• Anti-money laundering and foreign corrupt practices legislation.
• Disputes with regulatory bodies, regulatory investigations and enforcement proceedings.
• Prudential issues, including capital adequacy, consolidated supervision, board / senior executive roles / actions and compensation.
• Bank mergers, corporate restructuring and principal investments.
• Effective global data, privacy and cyber security protection.
• Capital raises in all forms of the capital markets environment, including debt and equity (inclusive of IPOs, high yield, and investment grade offerings)
• Debt and structured financing and leveraged lending.

Attestation Services

Al Suwaiket & Al Busaies proudly offering documents attestation service to our clients. As one of few attestation lawyers, we have been referred by consulates and embassies to serve their citizens in the country.

In this segment, we verify the originality of documents such as Passports, National IDs, Residential IDs, Academic Certificates from the domestic Universities or other educational institutions for higher studies abroad without any legal obligations bind on us other than proving the originality of the submitted document.

We can certify copies of the certificates issued from foreign universities as originals if the certificates carrying the holder’s legitimate photograph and name as per one of recognizable ID proof.

Our practice includes in the attestation service as follows:

• Verifying the originality, true likeness and validity of identical documents submitted by the client.
• Verifying the signature on affidavits, contracts, property deeds, out of KSA real estate transactional documents.
• We attest the Saudi national address proof of the applicant directly taken from the National address portal (https://address.gov.sa/en/) which is required by certain foreign banks for the purpose of opening bank account.
• Saudi Resident ID of the applicant if the authorities require such attestation.
• Bank statements to be issued from the recognized bank in Saudi Arabia duly signed and stamped by the bank official.
• Declarations and authorization letters, witnessing the signature and identity only.

If you are looking for a Lawyer to fulfill your document attestation, kindly contact us to understand your actual requirement then fix an appointment for getting the document attested.

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