Family Business Services

In the Middle East, major businesses are controlled by families and it predominate in many of the region’s key industries in terms of the size and range of their investments and the numbers of personnel they employ.

Our services to family businesses as follow:

  • representing them in courts and judicial commissions.
  • involve our skilled legal professionals to assist in legal structural activities.
  • drafting, amending, or reviewing the articles of associations, resolutions, agreements etc. and internal regulations in light of the prevailing laws and regulations laws in Saudi Arabia.

Our firm maintaining a wide relationship with specialist consultants in family companies in case the client required the following specialized services:

  • Family Constitutions
  • Traditional corporate restructuring
  • Limited liability structures tailored to manage business risks
  • Family corporate governance systems
  • Management and resolution of inter-generational conflicts
  • Establishment and management of family offices
  • Distribution of inheritance

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