Maritime Services

Maritime Sector has been noted as one of the fastest growing sectors in Saudi Arabia. So, our firm has assigned experienced team with broad knowledge about the maritime laws and regulations and related international conventions to assist the clients.

Our comprehensive maritime practice includes consultations on regulatory matters, financial structuring, management consultancies, employment issues, arbitration matters as well as handling complex matters and disputresolution.

Below are our major legal services and expertise in the marine and shipping sector:

  • Legal consultations on maritime laws and regulations.
  • Drafting and reviewing bareboat, time, voyage, and hybrid charter parties from both the ship owner and charterer sides.
  • Handling Demurrage disputes, cargo contamination, loss or shortage of cargo, freight & off-hire disputes, bunkering issues.
  • Ship Arrest & Release.
  • Dealing with disputes that originate from bill of lading documents.
  • Advising owners and shipyards in relation to shipbuilding contracts and ship repair or conversion.
  • Advising on yard financing arrangements, vessel and mortgage registration, refund guarantees and ancillary documentation.
  • Deal with all parties that may be involved in shipping, agents (forwarding, liner, ship, etc.), bunker suppliers, charterers, Insurance companies (Marine insurance and re-insurance policies and disputes).

Providing arbitration and litigation services in the following maritime matters:

  • Bill of lading and charter parties disputes.
  • Passenger and crew claims, personal injuries, and occupational injuries.
  • Marine insurance and re-insurance policies and disputes
  • Bunker Disputes
  • Cargo Loss and Damage
  • Collisions and Groundings
  • Fires and Explosions
  • Maritime Fraud Investigation and Litigation
  • P&I and Defense Work
  • Salvage, Towage, Wreck Removal and General Average Disputes
  • Ship Arrest and Release
  • Ship Sale and Purchase Disputes
  • Unsafe Port and Berth Disputes
  • Vessel Sharing, Slot Charter and Pooling Agreements.



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