Real Estate Law

SB is deemed as a well-known real estate lawyer provides fully effective and proficient legal services with a maximum level of commitment in the real estate sector. We are handling various issues and disputes involved in real estate investment over residential and commercial properties owned by Companies or individuals. Our professional team of consultants have diversity in practicing real estate laws and regulations and earned comprehensive and proactive experience and professionalism in practicing the real estate disputes and mediations. Our clients in the real estate practice includes Landowners, developers, facility providers, stakeholders, funders, and Lessors.

Our expertise and practices include:

  • Drafting, reviewing and amending all kinds of lease contracts, deeds or rental agreements in real estate transaction.
  • Drafting statement of claims and pleads to the courts or any other judicial bodies.
  • Advising and Drafting legal opinions on various types of disputes in the sector.
  • Inheritance services.
  • Dispute resolutions and mediation in real estate cases.
  • Represent clients before all kinds and levels of courts, governmental and judicial bodies

We assist our foreign clients to find out the appropriate lands or properties to establish their factories, warehouses or storage units.

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