Attestation Services

SB proudly offering documents attestation service to our clients. As one of few attestation lawyers, we have been referred by consulates and embassies to serve their citizens in the country.

Our practice includes in the attestation service as follows:

  • Verifying the originality, true likeness and validity of identical documents submitted by the client.
  • Verifying the signature on affidavits, contracts, property deeds, out of KSA real estate transactional documents.
  • We attest the Saudi national address proof of the applicant directly taken from the National address portal ( which is required by certain foreign banks for the purpose of opening bank account.
  • Saudi Resident ID of the applicant if the authorities require such attestation.
  • Bank statements to be issued from the recognized bank in Saudi Arabia duly signed and stamped by the bank official.
  • Declarations and authorization letters, witnessing the signature and identity only.



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